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First Leap – Pediatric Therapy Center in Austin, Texas

pediatric therapy and ABA therapy in Austin, Texas

ABA Therapy

ABA therapy works by using behavioral principles to increase or decrease behaviors by changing the events before and after the behavior. We use data-based decision-making in all our ABA therapy programs to analyze and improve your child’s learning. This type of pediatric therapy can cover a wide range of skills from language to self-help to social skills.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on both the production (speech) and use (language) of communication. This type of pediatric therapy may focus on exercises to strengthen oral motor skills and/or activities to understand and use language concepts.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy works to strengthen the brain-muscle connection involved in completing everyday tasks such as self-help skills, handwriting, and more. This type of pediatric therapy may also integrate sensory activities to assist children in processing the world around them more effectively.

Social skills are a crucial life skill for all individuals. At the early ages, social skills focus on awareness of others around you, functional play, and parallel play skills. The next stage focuses on interactive play, communication of basic needs with peers, and shared imaginative play. As children’s language skills advances, the focuses shifts to understand conversational skills, non-verbal communication, and being part of a fluid group. Our pediatric therapy center offers both group therapy services and social pairings. Please read more here.
Parent training and involvement is an integral piece of any successful home program. For individuals with behavioral needs, consistency across people and environments can lead to a faster rate of success. Parent training is customized based on a family’s individual needs and abilities. Parents will set their own goals for their interactions with their child and training will focus on those goals. Parent training may involve lecture and workbook exercises, troubleshooting, role playing, modeling of skills with the child, coaching, and more. Our parent training program occurs both in home and at our pediatric therapy center.
Do you need help deciphering reports and proposed IEP goals from your child’s school? First Leap can help you prepare for a variety of school meetings and attend the meetings to assist you in advocating for your child.

Why Choose Us

      • A collaborative and behavioral-based team approach creates the optimal learning environment.
      • Pediatric therapy programs designed to meet your child’s individuals needs and your family’s needs.
      • We aim to be your child’s biggest reinforcer during therapy time. As we say, “We are the M&M!”
      • Highly qualified staff receive ongoing training both on pediatric therapy skills and your child’s specific program.
      • Transparency and strong data collection allow you to feel confident in your child’s program.
      • Our two locations in Austin, Texas makes our services readily available to the greater Austin autism community.

What Clients Think Of Our Pediatric Therapy Center…

We just completed nearly 11 months of services at First Leap’s north location and we could not be more impressed. They consistently went above and beyond my every expectation. My son has progressed by leaps and bounds! The staff are all absolutely professional at all times and will do everything to assist their clients in every realm of their lives. They are truly committed to the success of their kids. They will even accompany you to an ARD and advocate in the classroom setting if need be! Who does that?! We would not leave if we weren’t moving away.

We would give 10 stars if we could! They have made such a tremendous difference in my son’s life!!!

Kara D. - 7/14/2016, Yelp
excellent parent support! they came to my son’s pre-IEP meeting and IEP meeting.. and provided feedback and i didnt realize it was such a big deal until i moved cities! Speech therapists here simple said ‘no’ for attending IEPs..
SB - 5/2016, Yelp
The staff at first leap are motivated and excited about what they do. It is wonderful to have these young high energy therapists working with my son. Patricio, Lexi, and Rachel are great. My son has only been able to receive around 10 hours a week of ABA due to our budget, but has still made a lot of progress in past 6 months. He is making eye contact, pointing to request, matching objects, and able to communicate generally without screaming & throwing tantrums which he was doing before we started, although he is still non verbal. I am so thankful to have found First Leap and looking forward to seeing what more my son will learn under their direction.
Yvonne Z. - 11/23/2015, Yelp
Great people. Great therapy. They accept insurance, provide in-home as well as at the center. Offer social skills classes and summer sessions.
Matt S. - February 28, 2015, Yelp
Our daughter, who is nonverbal and has severe autism, has received ABA & Speech from First Leap over 2 years now. We LOVE First Leap and have been so happy! They taught her to communicate with PECS which has helped greatly! More than just provide services for our daughter, they really care for her and it shows in their effort! They have also facilitated training for those working with autistic children at our church! We would highly recommend them for ABA, Speech, and childcare training!
Abbie P. - 1/5/15, Facebook
This review is LONG overdue.   Our daughter has been receiving ABA and speech therapy from First Leap for over a year.  The dedicated staff has become like family and our little girl has made tremendous progress.   Receiving an autism diagnosis at age 2 is hard for any parent but having a support system like the one at First Leap is so important.  So thankful for the help they’ve provided (and continue to provide) in getting our little girl on the right track.
Jenny D. - 12/12/14, Yelp
We just started coming here so I can’t say I have a long history but what I can say is that first impression is everything and these wonderful people have nailed it. I’m a mom of a special needs boy and a speech delayed little toddler and have sought out First Leap to help my children.

The ladies at the front desk are so friendly and attentive, its nice when you go to a place that you know from the start that they like their job. The facility is well kept, open  with a lot of space and fun for children.

I am a active duty military wife and what I have come across is a lot of ABA companies not taking our insurance because there aren’t as many military here, plus the payout to providers is not as great.  I have been searching for a professional company who has experienced staff, the availability we need and of course works with our insurance. With that, it has been nearly impossible to find that which to me, seems depressing because it delays my children from progressing and on a deeper note, makes me feel like companies don’t truly care for those who serve their country (or their dependents).

First Leap heard my concerns and they pushed everything they had at my insurance, got in with them with just as much urgency as I was pushing at my insurance as well. Normally it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to get that underway and they had it done in 3 weeks.

First impression, has gone so well just from that experience.  Then we have had a few intake appointments for my children and the two ladies who have taken to my children have been so knowledgable, firm, energetic, fun and have the structure that is needed.I really feel that with all we have been through in the months it has taken to get help, my prayers will be answered, my kids will get the help they need, thanks to First Leap!

Lorraine W. - 11/19/2014, Yelp
This staff is simply amazing. Our son emerged from his own world with the help of the ABA provided in their loving care. I cannot imagine our lives had we not found them.
Dani G. - 7/9/13, MyAutismTeam
Laura came highly recommended when we were searching for someone to help us find answers to our concerns about the possibility of my daughter’s 2 1/2 yr old son having Autism.

She spent 2 hours of her Sunday with him and let me tell you, he does not do well with strangers at all.  Laura was with him and in less than 10 mins, he got up and reached out to her, let her pick him up and show him around the playroom.

I’ve never ever seen him take to a complete stranger like that before. He has a speech therapist that he has been seeing twice a week for 2 months, and they spend the first 20 to 30 mins of each session just trying to get him to calm down.  This was not the case at First Leap.

We learned more in those two hours than I’ve learned in the 100 of hours I’ve spent researching on the Internet.  We actually have a greater understanding of his world and how to interact with him and for this, I will be forever grateful to Laura.  This is the first step in our journey and Laura helped make it a profound first step in the right direction.  She truly has a passion for Autism education and for the children she works with.

Stephanie H. - 3/17/2013, Yelp
Laura with First Leap has been working with my son for over four years now, since he was 22 months old. I feel so fortunate that our family found such an amazing, capable, compassionate therapist! My son has made tremendous strides in the past 4 years and in large part due to her expertise and commitment to our entire family. We couldn’t ask for more! I highly recommend First Leap to any family looking for an ABA therapist.
A Google User - 3/20/2011, Google+
Taught and helped integrated son and family behavior so that life is more productive and “fun.” My son looks forward to working with staff. First Leap is top notch in working with children that need behavioral therapy.
A Google User - 3/2/2011, Google+
Great Staff. Loved the Personal Help. Cant Say Enough!
A Google User - 1/8/2011, Google+