Reinforcement Ideas For Your Home

Reinforcement Ideas for your Home

Reinforcement systems and rewards can be great at keeping children working towards the end of an activity. Be sure to alert the child as to how much work they have to do in order to earn the reward (work for 10 minutes, 5 worksheets, 10 articulation targets).

A reward can be almost anything, here are some ideas:

•Music (play song, a part of a song, or sing it) 

•Videos (watch a clip, make your own) 

•Puzzle pieces (one at a time) 

•Sticker charts (one sticker for each correct articulation target production, correct answer,etc.)

•Games (anything goes here, basketball, iPad, etc) 

•Points earned for good work (can redeem points at the end of work time for a preferred item)

Rewards during parent-directed therapy at home and/or homework should be short, to keep the focus on the actual work at hand. Some children appreciate being given a choice between rewards. It might be best offer them choices before they work, therefore feeling a little more ownership over the activity.

Motivating Activities With your Child at Home:

If your child really likes a subject or character (Elmo, Thomas the Train, dogs), try to make it the subject of your speech and language practice. For example, use multiple exemplars of a character, such as wearing different outfits, colors or doing different actions to elicit vocabulary (e.g., yellow Elmo, red Elmo, Elmo running, Elmo dancing). Using the characters in your lesson is sometimes enough to keep kids interested without additional rewards!  Always, when possible, finish on a positive and rewarding note.
Link to more information regarding positive reinforcement in the classroom, therapy session, and at home:  https://www.superduperinc.com/handouts/pdf/238_PositiveReinforcement.pdf

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